It's my hope to post entries here about my life and experiences as a trans-woman who also happens to have bipolar disorder. This is my way of making my voice be heard, and bringing attention to the issues that myself and others like me, face every day.

Sage's Transgender Resources

I seem to have accumulated a bunch of good transgender related websites in my favorites folders over the last few years. So I've decided to put this page up to share all of the ones that have been helpful to me in some way. So now anyone wanting to find more information can just look on here to see a list of good ones.

General Resources:
Transfamily- A good resource for friends and family members of any TG people

Trans FAQ- A list of frequently asked questions and answers about transsexualism.

Transgender Support Site- One of the first TG support sites. Lots of articles, and even some tips.

Trannyweb- An online community for meeting other TG people.

Gender Voice- A new TG community and resource site. It's still new, so there isn't too much up yet, but it's growing.

Susan's Place Transgender Resources- A site with a fairly extensive listing of TG related sites, as well as a community forum.

National Center for Transgender Equality- The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) is a 501(c)3 social justice organization dedicated to advancing the equality of transgender people through advocacy, collaboration and empowerment.

Gender ID Coalition- The Gender ID Coalition is a close innovative, unique network of of scientists, professionals, celebrities, activists, and other members who demand that the American Psychiatric Association remove the classification of Gender Identity Dysphoria as a mental disorder, from the Diagnostic statistical Manual (DSM). The Coalition is also an advocate and collection of dedicated activists for the right to individual Gender Identity, the expression of such and the inexorable human rights of Transgender/Transsexual/Intersex/CD/Gender Variant people.

MtF Specific Sites:
Transsexuality - A site by Jennifer Reitz, that gives many articles on what it's like to be a transsexual woman. I've found it to be very useful, especially for those bad days when you need some encouraging things to read.

Transgender Care- This is mostly of interest to MtFs. It's a good place to look up medical resources.

Second Type Woman- A great MtF resource. Lots of articles dealing with most aspects of transitioning and just life in general.

The Antijen Pages- A good resource for reading things other TG people have to say.

Transsexual Road Map- An awesome site with links to many resources. It's been a lot of help to me so far. Plenty of good articles to read also.

Transsexual Women's Resources- A very good site for looking up TG medical resources for your area.

Gender Evolve- A resource site for MtFs. It has a very good listing of resources and articles.

FtM Specific Sites:
Transster- A support site for FtMs. I haven't joined it myself, but I've heard good things about it. It has post op pictures of SRS also. So it might be of some interest.

FTM Passing Tips- A great resource for passing tips and links to other pages.

Freebie- A site with step by step instructions on how to make your own packer.

Drag King Dante DiFranco- An excellent site with tips, pictures, and links to online stores.

Lauras Playground FtM Articles- A nice listing of articles and links to other sites for FtMs.

The Transitional Male- A resource site for trans men.

Hudson's FtM Resource Guide- As the title says a resource guide for trans men with links to many different articles.

Reading/ Entertainment:
From Within- By Victoria Jefferies. A very enjoyable story. It's basically the life story of the author. Also one of my favorites.

Mom, I Need To Be A Girl- By Just Evelyn. A story about a teenage transsexual, who transitions with the help of her mom.

I Want What I Want- By Geoff Brown. This is a fairly old story, from the mid 60s in fact. It's kind of sad to read at times. But it gives you a pretty good idea of just how much opinions about TG people have changed over the last 40 years or so.

April Ashley's Odyssey- A great life story about April Ashley's life. She's regarded as a transsexual pioneer, and was fairly famous during the 60s and 70s.

Between The Lines- A very well done TG comic. I enjoyed reading it. :)

Venus Envy- A very enjoyable TG comic. In fact one of the first I ever read.

Annah Moore ~ Right Side Out- One of the TS women from the Discovery Health special. Who not only has a book published, but also plays in a heavy metal band.

Buck Angel- The first FtM porn star.

Trannystar Galactica- A TG colab channel where you can submit questions each week and have them answered by each person. It's a good mix of MtFs and FtMs, so you can get perspectives from both sides pretty well.

Migh-T Men- An FtM specific colab channel.

Boys and Bois- An FtM specific colab channel.

Doctors- A listing of doctors who perform SRS and other related surgeries. If anyone knows of surgeons who perform FtM SRS please post the links to here and I'll add them to the list.

SRS in Bangkok, Thailand with Dr. Suporn

MtF Surgery- An SRS team of surgeons in Thailand

SRS in New Hope PA with Dr. Christine McGinn- Dr. McGinn is also a post-op transwoman. Her Clinic offers both MtF and FtM SRS at a very affordable price for the US. Around $16,900($U.S.)for vaginoplasty and $15,500($U.S.) for metoidioplasty according to the website.

SRS in Montreal, Quebec with Drs. Brassard and Menard- Dr. Brassard is one of the surgeons who appeared on the Discovery Health channel.

SRS in Trinidad, Colorado with Dr. Bowers- Dr. Bowers is the first transsexual woman to perform SRS, and studied under the late Dr. Stanley Biber.

SRS in Scottsdale, Arizona with Dr. Meltzer

SRS in Los Angeles, California with Dr. Alter

SRS in Bangkok, Thailand with Dr. Preecha

SRS in Bangkok, Thailand with Dr. Chettawut

SRS in Bangkok, Thailand with Dr. Pichet

These are just a few of the many surgeons out there. If you're interested in seeing more pages realted to each doctor, or seaching for more, this is the page I found them on. Transsexual Women's Resources, SRS