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Saturday, January 14, 2017

What Looms Ahead

Here we go with another one these, I promise I'm going to do my best to keep a somewhat steady stream of posts coming. My mind is in a bit of a fog after work most days, so try to bear with me if my thoughts seem a bit scattered at times. It's time I get down to what brings me back to here again, and what I mentioned briefly in my last post. The political climate as of late has certainly stirred up some thoughts and emotions in me that are dying to be expressed. Let's face it, that's probably a big subject on most people's minds right now.

Let me start by saying that the morning after election night hit me rather hard, so hard in fact that by mid afternoon I was drunk and puking in the toilet. Something tells me I wasn't the only one puking that day, so now you know my level of disgust with the entire political system of this country. It just goes to show that the more things change, the more they stay the same. By the same, I mean that you can still run a campaign based on blatent fear and racism and win. Donald Trump took a page right out mein kampf, and the American sheeple ate it up like it was ice cream topped fried Twinkies. How we went from Obama to this is beyond me, I figured most people were smart enough these days to steer clear of that kind of bullshit. Then again, in the words of George Carlin, "never under estimate the power of stupid people in large groups". Stupid is what we certainly have gotten. We got a man who is insanely rich, has zero political office experience, has an ego big enough to block out the sun, who is a racist, sexist, homophobe, who doesn't give two shits about anyone but himself. Congratulations America, you wanted something different, and that's definitely what he is. This country just shot itself in the foot, because it's different than the usual. This election has done nothing but reinforce the modern day feudal system that seems to exist in the U.S.. The more money you have, the higher up the political ladder you'll go. If you can't afford to blow millions of dollars on a campaign, you just don't go anywhere. If you're not democrat or republican, you stand no chance whatsoever of even coming close to winning. If it's not one extreme or the other it just won't do.

Make no mistake, this election proves more than ever how desperately our political processes need to be reformed. The only problem is that so many people are hung up on the whole "the constitution says this" crap. We focus so much on what the founding fathers layed out that we don't seem to account for the fact that we live in a vastly different world than they did. We look up to them as God like figures who's word is absolute and should never be questioned. The fact is that they never even really set out to proclaim independence in the first place. The American revolution really only came about because these guys got in deeper shit than they ever planned to, and realised that a push for independence was the only option left besides getting charged with treason. They were people no different than you and I, who laid out a framework of government. They knew that over the years it would need to be tweaked from time to time, and made provisions for that. What blows my mind is how reluctant we are to take advantage of those provisions, even when it has become painfully obvious that we need to.

I don't know what the next four years hold in store for this country, or how whatever happens will affect the lgbt community. Certainly no one knows for sure what Trump has planned, especially him. I hope that by some miracle he turns out to be a good president, I really really do, for everyone's sake, but I won't be holding my breath. If you ask me, the political climate right now seems ripe for some kind of revolution, more so than it has in any election since Lincoln. Rebellions are sparked when a government is either out of touch with the desires of it's people, unsympathetic to them, or unable to address them in a way that is perceived as timely or proper. In most, as I know it is in this case, it's probably some combination of all that, and I know I'm simplifying a lot here. We have the ability to wage a peaceful and bloodless revolution by amending our government legally. This must happen, or one day down the road there is going to be another American revolution.

For the time being, our best hope is to organize, and to not be silent. We must be ever vigilant in these uncertain times, and start getting political wether we like it or not. Inaction is as good as a vote for these despots, and it's what they are counting on from those of us who support change and progress. If we do not vote, we vote for them, if we do not speak up, we are drowned out by their shouting, if we do not organize, we cannot effectively fight their hate. We are many and we are strong together. We have fought for our rights for decades, and the fight is far from over it seems. Never give up, and never assume that those who would destroy us have given up. That is what we did, and we must resolve to never let it happen again. The world is a scary place, and there is certainly reason to be afraid right now, but we have to stand strong in the face of fear to defeat those who wield it as a weapon.

Ok, there's my two cents on all this stuff, or maybe more like five bucks, but you know what I mean. That felt good to get out, I've had a lot of that rattling around in my head for weeks. Long story short, go out and vote, and speak out against hate. I can sit around and write all day, but unfortunately I do have to take care of other obligations like getting some rest before work, so for now I'm bringing this one to an end. I work at night, so yes I'm going to bed in the midldle of the day. I've got a nine day vacation coming up next week, so I'll have a good bit of time soon to churn out a few more posts hopefully. I have no plans beyond doing whatever I feel like and getting shit done around the house that has been neglected. So until next time, that's all I've got.

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