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Sunday, January 22, 2017

This is Only the Beginning

I do not have enough words to describe all the emotions I have experienced in the past several days. I gone from the deepest depths of despair to optimistically hopeful. I'm not quite sure which end of that spectrum I should swing more towards though, because so much is happening so quickly, it's hard to keep up with it all. History is being made, and it is unclear where this country is now headed. It's hard to write something about this, because I don't want it to just be a bunch of angry commentary written during an emotionally challenging time. I'm going to try to stay on a message of hope though, but I can't promise that a little anger won't come out.

Let me start by saying that all hope is not lost, that is one thing that I've taken away from recent events. The protests here, and all over the world, give me hope that people are coming together like never before. Supporters of equality and progress are uniting, and it was the largest most wide spread protest in history. If president pussygrabber wants to screw things up, he's going to have to deal with angry mobs larger than anyone has ever seen in this country. We have to stay on his every move like this, not just now, but for the next four years. Don't ever let up, do not give him a moment's peace from our outrage. Let him know that we the people refuse to take one step back.

His words ring hollow to the ears of those of us who he has denounced as undeserving of equality. There are people who say give him a chance, and to stop being hate mongers, that he wants to support everyone. To that I say bullshit. I will give him and his followers as much of a chance as he and his gave to president Obama. I will give him as much respect as he has showed to those who are different from him. I will refuse to sit idle and watch as this bastard attempts to strip away rights from his own people. I will go out and protest, I will rail against his hate and greed driven policies, and I will stand in solidarity with others who are tired of being oppressed. He is the symbol of everything that is wrong with this country. He may legally be my  president, but I do not accept the legitimacy of someone who refuses to follow the ethical laws of the office he has been elected to. I refuse to recognize the legitimacy of someone who does not represent me or my interests, and who outright lies to the public.

I will miss Barack Obama dearly. He was not perfect, but he did more to push this country forward than any president has done in a long time. He was the champion of the lgbt, and we will will never forget him for taking a stand for us, and fighting to make us as equal as anyone else. He is my hero, and I only wish he could have stayed longer. He made America greater than this administration can ever dream of, and I can only hope that in 2020 someone else will take up his message of hope and win. He said in his farwell address that it is up to us, the people to take up his cause and make it our own, and do our jobs as citizens. It mirrors what I said in my last post, and I wrote that before listening to his speech. We must all take up the cause of hope now, because if we don't fight for it ourselves, no one else will. This our fight, this is our time, and far from being bleak, I believe it will be our finest hour.

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