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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The System Has Failed

All this time being unemployed gives me more time to think than I’d really like. And you know what; the same applies to a lot of other people. There’s a reason places like Libya, and Egypt have had uprisings and revolutions to overthrow the government recently, and for reasons not unlike the problems that plague those of us in the US currently. The way I see it, if things like employment, education, and LGBT equal rights don’t improve, it’s only a matter of time before we see similar events occurring here as well. 

The American dream is officially dead, the generations before us prospered only to inadvertently suck the coffers dry for our generation. No longer can one person earn a living wage without an incredibly well paying job.  Even a college education, despite becoming increasingly necessary, can no longer guarantee a job. Employers continuously require more and more experience for open positions, which only helps those older people who have already gotten a start in the past. It excludes those of us who graduated high school and don’t have tons of experience to put on a resume. Basically, the younger you are, the more people there are that will be hired before you. 

I used to believe what I was told by my parents and family, that if I worked hard and did my best I could do anything I wanted to. That dream has long ago been crushed. The so called job creators have driven this country into the ground, and anyone that blames Obama for it all is completely out of touch with reality. I may not be highly educated about economics, but there’s plenty of easy ways to improve things. Pass an all-inclusive employment nondiscrimination bill, legalize pot, and unionize more workers. Those things alone won’t fix the economy, but they’re a good start. The gap between rich and poor is becoming larger every day, the rich get richer, and the middle class goes a little farther toward the poverty line. 

The people of this country never seem to learn, our problems now are not that different from those we faced 100 years ago, and yet most people act as if they’re new. We fixed many of those problems back then the good old fashion way, through legislation, which is the way it needs to be done now. Regulate the fuck out of this country, because deregulating it is the cause of all this bullshit. Politicians only give a damn about themselves by and large, and only support the will of the people to the point where they feel like they’ll get re-elected. I miss the days when self-taught, uneducated by today’s standards, people were president, and could be president. Today the only way you get elected to almost any office is based on how much money you can throw into the campaign. I am completely and utterly disgusted by the way this country is run, and as I’ve said before, president Obama and his supporters, are about the only glimmer of hope I see. 

I will make no secret of it; I am a socialist, not to be confused with a communist or a nazi. I am a democratic socialist, which means I still believe in capitalism, but I believe in a mixing of the two philosophies in order to create something better than both. At its core, socialism fights for the common people, the workers, the oppressed 99%, and the poor. It seeks to ensure everyone a fair chance at employment, education, and health care. Without the taint of anti-Semitism and totalitarian dictators, it’s something that I believe many people would support, especially those who are out of work. Socialism alone is not the answer, and that’s something that most people who speak out against it don’t realize. 

The farther we allow this country to be driven into the ground, the worse the climate becomes for revolution.  I pray that it is not a violent one, but I seriously hope for something. We the 99% cannot sit idle while out rights are stripped away. We must get out and vote, speak out in the community against the wrong doings of the government, and above all else, we should be mad as hell and not take it anymore. “Workers of the world, unite!” was the state motto of the Soviet Union, and though I am not a communist, it is one that I could follow. With that being said, I’ll close with this; Workers, Students, Unemployed, Poor, Homeless, LGBT, and Common People, of these United States of America, unite!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sage:

I used to live in Rednecksburg. You won't find a more backward, inbred area in the USA than King George and Westmoreland counties. Compared to those areas, Rednecksburg is a bastion of liberal thought, but still a stone age, red neck infested sewer.

Perhaps the most ironic thing that happened while I was in Rednecksburg: In between the taunts of "faggot" and "predator" hurled by the local inbreds at anyone not dressed in hunting attire, was that I found one place where I was always treated nicely, with true friendship; Chik-fil-A!

The local Chik-fil-A's are run by the same family, and no matter how "different" I appeared to the rest of the local morons, the folks at Chik-fil-A, made me know that I was more than a regular customer, but a real friend. Having become friends with the dad and his sons, who are operating separate outlets now, it makes me sick to my stomach to hear that HRC (a group where I did volunteer work) is trying to hurt their business over the gay marriage issue.

If you need a job in Rednecksburg, stop by and talk to store operator at Chik-fil-A, and if you are clean and polite, I bet they will find a place for you at one of the stores.

I worked on the Obama campaign last time. I have the ball cap and the worn-out shoes, to prove it, too.

I had really believed that Obama would help restore the damage to our LIBERTY that was done by W and his henchmen; didn't happen. In fact, Obooboo signed into law, the NDAA 2011, that gave federal agencies the power to arrest and imprison our citizens without charge or trial. Look it up.

As for jobs, I moved from Richmond to Nevada. Virginia is far better off than most other states. In NV, we have an "official" unemployment rate of 17% but it is more like 50% because so many people have just given up and moved in with friends, or parents. In Vegas, we have about a thousand people living in the drainage sewers, and in the abandoned mining caves in the surrounding hills.

Right below the Vegas strip, where rich tourists throw away hundred dollar bills at the craps tables, Vegas citizens are in the sewers beneath the streets, picking the lice off of one another, while they try to escape the 100 degree heat.

Vegas is like a cross between Deliverance and Mad Maxx. You are more likely to be murdered by the, trigger happy, cops, than by the thugs. There are so many dirt-bags here, there is little wonder why the cops have all gone mad as hatters.

BTW, if you are really a socialist, you should be working for the Green Party, not that corporate sell-out, Obooboo, but that is entirely your choice. It is a good start, that you are actually paying attention to politics.

Maybe you should contact Move-On and ask them for a job. Too bad they don't pay the "living wage" they say everyone else should be required to pay. All you will get from Move On is minimum wage! What hypocrites!

If I were still back in Virginia, I bet that I could find a good job for you. Surely one of the political organizations could use a web-savvy person, like you. If not them, one of the non-profits in Richmond should be able to hire you, at least part time.

When my brother-in-law lost his job (he was 44) and had nothing more than a H.S. diploma, he found a sponsored program by the local trades union. He is now in a reliable job, but at two-thirds what he used to earn.

In this economy (Obama's economy if you believe the Republicans, Bush's economy according to Democrats) we are all being told to work for less. It sucks!

Good luck to you!


Anonymous said...

BTW, Blogger sucks.

It is too hard to post and use your name, like you can with WordPress.

Blogger tries to force you to register via the spyware laded social networks.

...and that image verification ...UGH!16 eicuit

becomingzoe.blogspot.com said...

I agree with what you said and it's one of the main reasons I left the lame old USA. I now live in Finland where the country has many of the positive qualities you mention. I lucked out to be married to a Finnish gal so I can be here legally - thankfully.

Finland is a country where those who have 'a lot' are few and those who have nothing are even fewer and overall the population is happy to pay the high taxes so that everyone is cared for. When I say high taxes - its nothing compared to the low taxes Americans whine about being too much... Well I could ramble on but I want you to know that you're not the only one disillusioned about America.