It's my hope to post entries here about my life and experiences as a trans-woman who also happens to have bipolar disorder. This is my way of making my voice be heard, and bringing attention to the issues that myself and others like me, face every day.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The System Has Failed

All this time being unemployed gives me more time to think than I’d really like. And you know what; the same applies to a lot of other people. There’s a reason places like Libya, and Egypt have had uprisings and revolutions to overthrow the government recently, and for reasons not unlike the problems that plague those of us in the US currently. The way I see it, if things like employment, education, and LGBT equal rights don’t improve, it’s only a matter of time before we see similar events occurring here as well. 

The American dream is officially dead, the generations before us prospered only to inadvertently suck the coffers dry for our generation. No longer can one person earn a living wage without an incredibly well paying job.  Even a college education, despite becoming increasingly necessary, can no longer guarantee a job. Employers continuously require more and more experience for open positions, which only helps those older people who have already gotten a start in the past. It excludes those of us who graduated high school and don’t have tons of experience to put on a resume. Basically, the younger you are, the more people there are that will be hired before you. 

I used to believe what I was told by my parents and family, that if I worked hard and did my best I could do anything I wanted to. That dream has long ago been crushed. The so called job creators have driven this country into the ground, and anyone that blames Obama for it all is completely out of touch with reality. I may not be highly educated about economics, but there’s plenty of easy ways to improve things. Pass an all-inclusive employment nondiscrimination bill, legalize pot, and unionize more workers. Those things alone won’t fix the economy, but they’re a good start. The gap between rich and poor is becoming larger every day, the rich get richer, and the middle class goes a little farther toward the poverty line. 

The people of this country never seem to learn, our problems now are not that different from those we faced 100 years ago, and yet most people act as if they’re new. We fixed many of those problems back then the good old fashion way, through legislation, which is the way it needs to be done now. Regulate the fuck out of this country, because deregulating it is the cause of all this bullshit. Politicians only give a damn about themselves by and large, and only support the will of the people to the point where they feel like they’ll get re-elected. I miss the days when self-taught, uneducated by today’s standards, people were president, and could be president. Today the only way you get elected to almost any office is based on how much money you can throw into the campaign. I am completely and utterly disgusted by the way this country is run, and as I’ve said before, president Obama and his supporters, are about the only glimmer of hope I see. 

I will make no secret of it; I am a socialist, not to be confused with a communist or a nazi. I am a democratic socialist, which means I still believe in capitalism, but I believe in a mixing of the two philosophies in order to create something better than both. At its core, socialism fights for the common people, the workers, the oppressed 99%, and the poor. It seeks to ensure everyone a fair chance at employment, education, and health care. Without the taint of anti-Semitism and totalitarian dictators, it’s something that I believe many people would support, especially those who are out of work. Socialism alone is not the answer, and that’s something that most people who speak out against it don’t realize. 

The farther we allow this country to be driven into the ground, the worse the climate becomes for revolution.  I pray that it is not a violent one, but I seriously hope for something. We the 99% cannot sit idle while out rights are stripped away. We must get out and vote, speak out in the community against the wrong doings of the government, and above all else, we should be mad as hell and not take it anymore. “Workers of the world, unite!” was the state motto of the Soviet Union, and though I am not a communist, it is one that I could follow. With that being said, I’ll close with this; Workers, Students, Unemployed, Poor, Homeless, LGBT, and Common People, of these United States of America, unite!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hard Times

I've been holding off posting this one for a while, but things are pretty rough at the moment. I still haven't managed to find work, and Stef lost her job a couple of weeks ago. That was a result of dumbass incompetent managers who wouldn't know a job well done if it fell into their lap. There was also some pretty thinly disguised discrimination involved in her being fired, but unfortunately the civil rights laws for Virginia are a joke, so without direct undeniable proof taking legal action is going to be damn near impossible. So now we're both out of work and the situation becomes more desperate.

I'm not sure what we're going to do if one of us can't find work within the next couple of months. The pressure is on more than ever now, and the jobs haven't gotten any easier to come by. We'll be ok for a while, but the bills don't exactly stop coming. I'm scared to be honest, but I guess I need to stay positive. We've both been getting interviews, her even more than me, so I guess its just a matter of time. I suppose its a good thing I had that rekindling of my faith just before all this happened, and probably why it did, to get me through these dark times.

Its just been a time where one thing after another goes wrong, some of which I won't be writing about. On the plus side I feel like it has brought Stef and I closer than ever, and I guess I can look at that as the silver lining. Its scary when you're future is so uncertain like this, but I know that eventually things have to get better. We just need to be strong and work hard to get to a stable position in life. I don't know what's going to happen in the coming months, but I hope its good for us both. She needed a better less stressful job, and this just makes it easier to move on to something that may be better.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pride Month

I thought this video was the perfect way to start my post. To me this shows that president Obama is well worth re-electing this fall. To hear the president of this country so many of us call home encourage us to be hopeful and strong, and recognize and honor those who have fallen in the struggle of equal rights, is enough to bring me to tears. It gives me hope for the future of our cause, and that we may once again set this nation on the right track to peace and prosperity. To be in his position and take the stance he has, I feel takes a lot of courage as well. It is something no president before him has gotten 100% behind, and he continues to make history in doing so. Hope is something this country is terribly in need of, and unlike the policies of his political rivals, his do that. He is a progressive minded politician, and that is something we desperately need.

Just as we needed progressives 100 years ago, we need them today as bad as ever. Conservative minded individuals have systematically taken apart so many of the laws and regulations that were put in place all those years ago, and we are now paying the price for their actions. It's time not just for the LGBT community to speak up and demand change, but for anyone who is fed up with backwards, corrupt, and discriminating government policies. Let this be a symbol of hope to rally behind and throw our full support into re-electing Mr. Obama so that he might continue his work. This is our time to make a difference, to feel like we matter and have a voice. Together we can bring about the change so many of us want to see, and we've got a pretty powerful ally on capitol hill now.

This is the culmination of over half a century of suffrage, and it seems like we are finally breaking ground and moving forward. Our support grows stronger every day, and together we can take a stand against the hate so often directed at us. Let us honor the memory of those who have paved the way, and those who have paid the ultimate price for being themselves. Let us take the lessons of the past to heart and be proud of who we are, and not be afraid to live our lives openly and without fear. Our struggle is far from over, but we must continue the fight. We must press on and continue the work of those who came before us, and ensure they did not fight and die in vain.

To sort of rip off Martin Luther King, my dream is a USA where people are judged by the content of their character, and not by their orientation or gender identity. We ask only for equal protections and opportunities that are afforded to anyone else. I pray that I live to see the day where this becomes a reality, and for once I'm starting to think that I just might. We have come so far, and we will go even farther in the coming years. One step at a time we will move forward, and we will over come the tide of oppression that has held us back for so long. Speak out, and make your voice count. Live your life to the fullest and be true to yourself. Do these things not because they are easy, but because they are often times hard, and the harder the fight, the sweeter the victory will be.