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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I’m on a roll with my writing right now, so for sake of using a little more this energy spurt I’ve been on for a few days, I’m going to write another political commentary. I’ll try to keep it fairly short, but the news lately has just been laughable. What I’m laughing at is the accusations by the church and republicans that Obama is waging a war on the church. By war they mean he made religious organizations insurance providers offer women contraception if the company policy didn’t include it. That’s a real war alright, more like the war on women. Every single person I’ve seen speaking out against it is a man. Not one single woman seems to be involved in the opposition.

I find it shameful that this is what we focus on in our politics, birth control. Religious organizations can offer Viagra to men with ED, but god forbid a women get birth control. How does that make any sense? Men who can’t get boners have a medical condition, but women that don’t want to get pregnant aren’t anything important. Double standard much? I believe Jon Stewart said it perfectly last week on the Daily Show. “You’re confusing the war on religion with not always getting what you want”. Thank god someone said it on national television!

These people get all in a big fuss over the supposed war on religion, but what about our war on verb? By verb I mean the act of terrorism, which we are somehow waging a war against. Terrorism seems to only include Islamic extremist related terrorism. I don’t know what these people have been smoking, or maybe they don’t smoke enough. Either way they need serious help. It’s like they said on South Park, you might as well accept the fact that when you vote the choice is always going to be between a giant douchebag and a turd sandwich. At least if you vote republican it will be.

In conclusion, go Obama with your reforms, I fully support what he’s trying to do lately. As for the republicans, I urge them to seek out psychiatric help, they have more issues than national geographic.

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Michelle Leanne said...

Hey, I am glad to see that you are doing a little better these days. At least well enough to concentrate on such a crappy topic as politics. Hope other things are at least liveable for the time being. Nice to hear from you again!!!!!