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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

For Lack of Anything Better to Talk About

I don't normally talk politics on here, but since I have cable again, it's let me stay a little more up to date on whats going on in the world. By that I mean I can watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report again. I don't rely on them for my news, but as far as politics are concerned, they do help to inform me of what the big issues at the moment are. I don't want this post to be a "bash republicans" post, but it's hard not to when the 2 closest choices for their presidential candidate are in a smear off. I may be a little late commenting on it, but I'm going to do it anyway.

Even though I'm neither a democrate of a republican, the way things are going now, I throw my full support behind Obama for another 4 years. At least he's trying to fight to put a little more money in our pockets. By us I mean the large chunk of the population that technically are in poverty. You've got the republican candidates saying shit like it's not an issue because of safety nets to keep you from being on the street. While it is true that those programs are good, I'd much rather be working and making enough money to buy my food without foodstamps. I'd like to be able to pay for rent and feed myself with a little left over to save up. But, apparently safety nets are just fine, they want to discourage us from doing any better, it seems.

What's better, putting someone on welfare and giving them foodstamps, or helping them get back to work so they can earn a decent living and have a chance to be successful in this world? Saying that these systems are enough is like putting a bandage over a gunshot wound, for the moment it may be fine, but in time, without proper treatment, it's going to get worse. That's the problem with politicians these days, they don't try to fix and reform the system, they just put band aids on it and leave it for the next person that gets their job to fix.

I'll say this, Barack Obama may not have done everything we would have liked him to do by now, but he's at least done the major things he promised he would do. We got Osama Bin Laden, something the Bush administration seemed to fail miserably at. He pulled us out of Iraq, and while fawed and in need of reworking, introduced a national heath care option. He's at least trying to make things better, which is more than I see the republican candidates doing.

I swear every single one of them is detached from reality in some way or another. Romney has the lets deregulate everything more and it's all going to be ok attitude, and only seems to know one fucking song. Gengrich is talking about moon bases and acting like he's got the election in the bag, and doing his best to remove his foot from his mouth. Santorum, and to an extent the rest as well, just spouts off his accusations of attacks on the church. Ron Paul is probably the sanest of the bunch, but still has his issues that don't quite add up.

Basically, I'd rather keep the guy that's making the effort to move this country forward. All it seems the republicans want to do is set us farther and farther back. I don't want billionares running this country. They talk about wanting the same for everyone, but everyone can't be rich. Social classes are what makes the world run, if everyone has the same amount of money, the world stagnates. At the same time the rich shouldn't be allowed to run rampant without a system that can regulate them should they get out of control.

God help us if there's a republican president this time next year. We need reform, regulation, and to focus on fixing our own country. We need another FDR, and I think Obama could come close to that if he gets a second term. I'm not anti republican or pro democrat. I'm anti bullshit, anti stupidity, anti greed, and I hate modern day monopolies. I am pro labor union, pro education, pro reform and regulation, and an isolationist. I am pro whatever gets people off their asses and makes them try to fix the shitty economy that's come to be known as the great recession. I want this country to be what it once was again, only better. The only way that will happen is if we elect people who are willing to try, not those who turn a blind eye to ticking time bombs.

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AClassicBasic said...

Hi Sage,

I am also at a loss as to what is happening in America. I totally agree with your blog, and can say hon. stay in there, you may be a lone voice at times but you are correct in every way. I just posted an open statement on Facebook; some who I am "So Called" friends with just may disown me after reading same. I don’t know if you are aware of my existence, my name is Cheryl some call me Lee, I am married to David; we are both bi-sexual and David is an undecided on again/off again cross dresser. We are both supportive in anything the other cares about and chooses to involve themselves in. I will continue to follow your blogs now I have found them; wishing you every happiness in the present and future.

Love Lee/Cheryl.

PS. I am using David's google account to post my thoughts.