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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Job Interview

I finally got my first job interview this afternoon, it only took 62 applications. I got a call Friday afternoon asking me to come in on Monday at 5. I found out it was one that I had applied to back in June from craigslist. I was pretty nervous all weekend about it, I was looking up all kinds of interview questions trying to prepare myself for it. I've never really had to do an actual interview for my past jobs, it was always people I already knew who hired me because they knew I needed work and could help.

I made sure to know where this place was well before showing up for the interview. I got Stef to help me look for it on her lunch break, so we had found it by 1:30 and I knew exactly where to go. I wanted to make sure I did everything just right. We got there 15 minutes early, I waited 5 or so and went in to make sure I was a little early. I saw a couple of people sitting in the waiting room, but I didn't think anything or it and just thought they were patients. The job is a receptionist for a medical office. I told the girl at the desk what I was there for and had a seat. Within a minute or two someone else comes in and says they're there for an interview and in all in the next 10 minutes 4 other people show up for one. I got pretty nervous at that point.

In all 7 of us were there by the time the doctor came out to start the interview. I felt a little more at ease when she said she was going to explain the job to us as a group and then do individual interviews. She said in the process of explaining this that they do a lot of alternative type medicine and treatments there, and as soon as I heard that my confidence shot up a good bit. It's something I've had a big interest in for quite some time now. One person showed up late as she was talking to us and was told to go to the waiting room, so I figured that narrowed things a little bit, and one walked out after. I was still pretty nervous, but I felt some confidence that I could find some common ground with the doctor and make a good impression.

I was the third person to get called back. She started off by asking me to tell a little bit about myself and what my interests are and such. I made sure to mention that I have studied a bit of alternative medicine myself. She asked if I had ever used any of what I had studied, and I said that I use garlic anytime I feel sick because it helps to cure the cause as opposed to just treat the symptoms like over the counter meds. She knew about it and seemed a bit impressed by what I knew. After the first few minutes I relaxed a bit and things went pretty well. She would ask a serious question with the interview and I would throw a little something in that would get a short conversation going for a minute. She liked my nail polish color, and seemed to like the idea that I am artistic and a little different than most people. A lot of it felt more like a conversation than an interview.

I think I made a good impression, I walked out smiling and not faking it. She seems like the kind of person I want to work for. She's a bit out there herself but seems pretty open minded and progressive, so I think I would enjoy working there if I get the job. I really hope I do, I don't want to work fast food. I have nothing against anyone who does, it just feels like a down grade if I'm forced to after working in the art field ever since the end of high school. I got lucky with my first job, and I just hope I get lucky with this one. She said there were 100 people who applied for the job, and everyone who was asked to come in stood out to her in some way. That's why I think I stand a good chance. I gave it my best shot, I feel like the ideal situation dropped in my lap and I just hope I made a good enough impression that my lack of clerical experience can be looked past.

Today was a good day to me. I spent the first half walking around Fredericksburg, which was ok aside from the heat. I walked all the way from the river up to the top of the heights where the battlefield was. I feel proud of myself for doing it considering that nearly 150 years ago making that walk would have been damn near suicidal. I would have spent more time on the battlefield but I didn't want to get sunburned or anything right before an interview. Today was worth it all to me, I feel like I at least made a good shot at getting a job. I know I can't count on it, but I'm hoping and praying that I get it


Anonymous said...

I understand what you mean about the "downgrade". I'm 32 and back to working for Target, making minimum wage :P

I really hope you get the job, but I want you to realize your worth is not tied up in what kind of job you have or if you have a job at all. Otherwise, I suppose I'd be pretty worthless, myself! :P

Think positive thoughts, and know that you did the best in your interview. I'm pulling for you...


Natasha said...

Good luck I really hope you get the job, you deserve a good job, especially after so many applications.

It's nice that she noticed something special about you over 100 other people, and she is right. I only know a small amount about you from reading you're blog and I think there is something special about you as well : )

Stay positive, and best of luck, you really deserve it.

Take Care x


I hope you get lucky too Sage. Sounds like the interview went well. 1 in 7 pretty good odds, not bad to get an interview out of 100 folks for sure.

Hope you get it,you deserve a break. 62 applications is a good effort!!!!