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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Getting By

There's not a lot new to talk about lately. The job hunt continues on past 40 jobs applied to, a few promising leads but not much else. I'm not sure why no one is even calling me in for an interview, Stef thinks that it's because I don't have much experience. Sadly the bulk of my experience is with photography, and those jobs are few and far between in this economy. I really don't want to settle for a gas station or fast food, but it's more likely every day that I may have to. I'm not even sure if one of those would hire me the way things are going.

It's been very frustrating and stressful on us both. I don't think either of us has been sleeping well lately. We're getting by, but we don't have a whole lot to fall back on should something happen that would require more than 100 bucks to fix. She's trying to save up for an anime convention she wants me to go to with her at the end of the month, and I'm trying to skimp where possible and feed us on my food stamps. I worry about Stef, I know she's stressed out a lot because of me not having a job and needing to depend on her for a lot right now. We had a near miss on the road this afternoon that scared the hell out of both of us. I just wonder if the stress contributed at all to it.

We're planning on going to visit my grandparents this weekend, I'm hoping the time away from home will be good for us both. I'll be happy just to get the chance to see them again and possibly grab a few things I left behind. She tends to get bored when we go there since there's no internet or places to go, but I guess I'm used to it more. I spent the greater part of my life with no internet, so for me it's a chance to get outside and do some things I can't do here.

I'm no where near a stereotypical girl. I want to do some target shooting with the pellet gun we have, maybe go brave the bugs and take a walk through the woods. That's the one I dislike about living here. I miss being able to go outside anytime I want and do stuff like that. I'll be happy just to get one weekend where I can, and hopefully clear my head of some of the stress that's built up lately.

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Aries said...

I'm sorry to hear about the job problem!!I've had the same problems with no one calling me back either. Stay strong and good luck :3
lots of love :D