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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Working Things Out

Everything is still going fairly well for Stef and I. Life is actually rather uneventful lately, which is actually a welcome experience after all the bullshit that went down a couple of months ago. The worst that's happened recently is a little plumbing trouble, that seemingly has resolved itself, and Stef has an ear infection. Thankfully she went to the doctor and is on antibiotics to try and clear it up soon.

Of course for the last month I've been plagued by one problem caused as a result of the family members I was previously living with. They never forwarded any mail that came for me before I put in for a change of address, so I never got my form in the mail to renew my food stamps at the end of March. I didn't know they ran out on me until I went to the store to buy food one day and had only 10 bucks left after the first of May.

I've spent the last few weeks trying to get things resolved. First I was told the case was still open that I had to call the office it was previously at to transfer it here. I did that, then found out 2 weeks later that the case had been closed in April and was never there to transfer in the first place, something the person that took my information to do neglected to mention. I only found out because I called when I got frustrated that nothing had come in the mail for me about it yet. I was then told that I had to reapply here, I went to do that last week and was told I was at the wrong office. I was told to go to some secret hidden away office that was closer and not on the website anywhere. Thankfully I got there, did my paperwork, and I've got my appointment tomorrow to finish up applying. It's pretty much just an interview where they get all my legal info and I try to tell my story in such a way to make feel that I deserve to get them again.

I'm nervous, I really hope they don't look for an excuse not to give them to me again. I'm also hoping I have everything I need as far as papers are concerned. The forms I had to fill out here were twice as long as the ones I had to do last year when I lived at my grandparents. All I can do is wait and see. I'm lucky that we have a roommate that's willing to take me while Stef is at work.

All I can do is try my best to plead my case and hope they think I deserve them. Stef and I are both dropping a bit of weight living off of raman and cereal for the most part. She's been buying food for us so far, and we've only been buying cheap stuff in the hopes that I'll get my foodstamps back soon. I'm hypoglycemic, so it's not good for me to go with out snacking between meals. I need a steady food source, and one that's a bit more balanced than what I'm living on now. We're taking hand outs of food from her mom lately just to give us something better to eat. Thankfully I thought ahead and stocked up on a bunch of tuna, raman, and minute rice before we moved, and that's managing to last for now. Just enough to keep our meals healthy.

I'm hoping for the best tomorrow. If they accept me I should hear about it in a few days and hopefully within a week have them back. If not I'd better hope I get any job soon, just so I can feed myself.

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