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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Moved In

We finally moved into the new place last weekend. So Stef and I are officially living together now, and have been for a few days. I'm playing housewife until I can find a job, but it works out in a way. I can stay home and organize stuff and move things around and unpack while she's at work. So in a way it helps get things done faster. We got screwed over by the company we were going to rent a small moving truck from and try to do everything in one day. Never rent from Budget, we reserved a truck a week in advance, called and confirmed it with them the day before, and that morning when we got there they didn't have one in the size we reserved. All they had were a few huge trucks that they wouldn't even let use anyway, and told us to go next door to Uhaul instead. It really threw things off with moving and because Uhaul is prohibitively expensive for the trip we needed to make we ended up having to make quite a few trips with the truck and Stef's mom to help move stuff with her truck too.

Everything got done thankfully, there are a few things that will have to be moved later, but for the most part we're all moved in. It feels good, but I'm scared too. I found out earlier today that I didn't get money on my food stamps card for this month, so that means I need to make a phone call or two and see what I have to do about renewing them. Luckily we have enough food to last a week or so, hopefully in that time I can get things squared away and fixed. I'm scared that I may not be able to renew them, but I have to try and hope for the best.

Otherwise things are doing pretty well, the people we're renting from are really nice and rather nerdy like the two of us. They're people I'd want to be friends with even if we weren't renting from them, so it works out for the best. I'm hoping that this turns out to be a good move for the both of us. It's something we've both needed for quite a while to get us away from our families. It's a lot of pressure on both of us, but we're trying our best to make it work.

The best part is only my grandparents know the address or exactly where I'm at. Certain family members are now dead to me, and I want nothing to do with them ever again. It is to them that I dedicate this poem.

The Beast
one dark and stormy night I sat quietly within my room,
minding no one but myself.
suddenly there came a rapping at my door.
hearing a friendly voice, the door was opened.
little did I know that a beast was entering.
shyly it first approached, But suddenly animosity and rage poured forth
with such ferocity that I became quite frightened.
the beast attacked, wounding me quite horribly.
a state of shock set in so terrible that I could do little to defend myself.
the best attacked again and again,
forcing me from the place I called home.
it all happened so fast that I could do nothing to stop it.
thankfully there was for me a savior,
one who would rescue me from the clutches of the beast.
to her I shall forever be indebted,
for had she not intervened I would not be here today.

Good riddance to those who shall remain unforgiven.

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The Tame Lion said...

No matter what happens, I'm here to support you!
May all the best stuff come to you. :)