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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Family Stuff

For once I can say the family stuff I'm writing about isn't something bad. I recently decided to sign up for a free 2 week trial on ancestry.com, mostly just to look into one specific person I heard about from older family members when I was younger. I wasn't sure if I'd actually find anything, I didn't know the name of the person. All I knew was that a great aunt of mine that died a couple of years ago told me when I younger that I had an ancestor that was a confederate soldier in the Civil War, and that she had seen a picture when she was younger of him in his uniform. For anyone that doesn't know, I'm a huge history nerd. So to know people in my family could have been involved with something as significant in US history as that intrigues me, to say the least. I just searched my last name for the county I lived in before I came here, found 3 sets of families with that name. I just went by census records, tracking them each up in years until I got to some names I recognized. I found my great aunt, and several of her sisters listed together and realized I'd found the right family. Not only that but the Civil War veteran would have been her grandfather, my 2nd great grandfather. I even found his parents names and traced that side of my family back to the early 1800s in that area. I even found pictures of handwritten documents that prove his military service. I did the same with my grandmothers family too and got back about just as far.

I got some information from my mom and aunt and started tracking down people in my grandmothers family on her side. I was in for a shock there. I unexpectedly found another Civil War veteran, once again in the confederate army. I found that along with more documents to prove the validity as well as revealed that he had been taken prisoner within the first year of the war. Amazingly both survived, but the real kicker with my mothers family is just how far back in time I got with my research. I discovered that they had originally come to the US in the 1650s from England. It keeps going and I find ancestors all over England, Wales, and Ireland. So I'm predominantly of English, Welsh, and Irish ancestry. In other words I'm celtic stew. It got back into the 1300s before I lost the trail, but not after coming across a welsh knight. Anything before the 1600s is a good bit of speculation, but the hints I got matched stuff my grandmother had once told my aunt about the family. So I think I'm on the right trail.

I'm just amazed with how much information I got going back so far. I failed to mention that I also found the location of my 2nd great grandfathers grave, along with a picture of it, and it's at a church that I know exactly where it is. It's not far from where I grew up, and one day Stef and I plan on taking a trip there for her to meet my dad's family. So we may make an extra stop so I can see his grave. This is big stuff to me, I have a huge interest in history, like I said. The Civil War being something of a specialty of mine, dare I call myself a bit of a historian on the subject. I even go so far as to collect artifacts of it, so to know my family was involved in it is sort of the crown jewel of that collection in a way now. I am such a nerd, but it's fun to me.

On another note, jesus people, I was just venting in my last post. Way to kick me while I'm down, I was frustrated by the way things are going with my SSI case and needed to vent a bit. I didn't ask for opinions about whether or not I deserve it or if I can work. I can work, I just have trouble with getting to that point and need some help. I'm taking 2 separate routes to remedy that, one case gets me disability until I can find a job, the other gets me a job though makes thing difficult with getting to said job for a while. My need for disability is for the SSA to decide, if they ever get around to doing their fucking jobs. So chill out, I'm taking advice from people that I trust on the matter. What happens will happen.

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I love history. wow to be able to go back that far! I've gone back to the 1600's but not beyond.
It gets really fascinating hey? wait till you start getting paper documentation...