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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving and Such

I spent Thanksgiving with Stef last week, which went pretty well, all things considered. We had dinner with both sides of her family, so we got to eat 2 times that day, both within 2 hours of each other. Needless to say, I didn't go hungry. Her dad's was probably the most interesting one, interesting in the sense that I could tell our mere presence made people uncomfortable. Her grandma was really the only person that tried to be nice to us, and her dad's girlfriend had the fake smile on saying it was nice to see us. As soon as we walked in her uncle got up and left the room and went downstairs in the basement until it was time to eat. I think he was one of the last people to get to the table also. Once again her grandma was the only person that really spoke to us at all. The uncle gets up before everyone else, I don't even think he was done eating, and left the room again to go outside and throw a baseball around with his kid. Her own father never even said a word to her the whole time we were there. The tension was so thick in the air you could have cut it with a knife.

Her mom's family wasn't that bad in comparison, at least they spoke to us and made us feel welcomed. I stayed until Sunday so we would have as much time together as possible before she had to go back to work. She took me through the old town part of Fredericksburg and I went in a few shops. Of course I found the ones that were selling civil war relics and she got me a few small things to add to my collection. She showed me where she grew up and different places around town, and even took me out to eat at outback. The only bad part of the trip is that her jeep started having transmission issues, which worries us both. Right now we may not get to see each other for a while since her finances are pretty stretched because of that. We're not sure how much it may end up costing to fix. As it stands either a fairly quick and simple $600 fix will do it, and if not it's $2500 to overhaul the transmission and she may just try to trade it in for something else. Only time will tell, I suppose.

I forgot to write about how my doctors appointment went on the 16th. Yes, I finally got another one at the clinic. The person I saw was actually someone who had been there before anyway, but aside from her and the guy that runs the TG clinic everyone else was different. I found out that the new doctor is starting in December, and that they're actually going to try to improve things with the care we get. So it all seems to be working out well so far. Everything checked out normal for me, so I don't go back until February.

Aside from a few issues going on I think things are doing fairly well. I'm hoping they're issues that can be resolved quickly and without too much expense. Anyway, that's about all for now.

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Laura Bennett said...

Glad to hear things are going well for you Sage. Life seems to have really slowed down for you. You seem much happier which I'm happy for :)