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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Losing My Doctor

So yeah, I got letter on Thursday from the free clinic informing me that my doctor is leaving to "persue other interests". That all TG clinics for the month of October would be canceled. My appointment was supposed to be next Tuesday on the 5th, so I found this out less than a week before I was supposed to see her again. They say clinics will resume in November with someone new, who, I have no clue. All I know at this point is what the letter tells me. I called Friday and left a message with the guy in charge of making appointments to find out what the hell I need to do about making a new appointment. The letter made it sound like they would contact me about it, but I want to hear someone in charge say that, and find out if my scripts are still good to go or not. I'm pretty worried at this point to be honest. I'm sure they're not just going to leave me out in the cold, so to speak, but I'm going to try to stay in touch with someone that knows what's going on until I know when I'm coming back. What really sucks is that I was trying to get a friend of mine into the program and then this came up.

It sounds like they have things under control and figured out at the clinic, so I'm going to call again and see if I can get any extra info out of them and just hope for the best. If my scripts are still good I've got 6 months worth of them easily thanks to my script hording. Apparently my fears were not unfounded seeing as whats going down right now. All I can say is I hope everything resolves itself soon, and in a good way for me.

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Melissa said...


I heard about this on the JRTS website. As far as I can tell, from what was said, your existing scripts are still good. They are supposed to get a replacement for the doctor who is leaving. Don't worry sweetie, I don't thing they are going to abandon us!

Melissa XX