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Monday, September 27, 2010

Inhouse Pharmacy No Longer Shipping to the US

It came to my attention earlier today that inhousepharmacy.com is no longer able to ship to customers in the US, all thanks to a lovely little site called LegitScript.com. The following is from the site itself.

"Important Notice to United States Shoppers

We regret to advise that this site is no longer able to supply to shoppers residing in the United States.

After recent action taken by LegitScript.com we have had to stop supplying customers within the USA. LegitScript.com are actively closing down hundreds of sites that operate from outside the United States. We have been targeted as we operate on a no prescription required basis.

We appreciate that most of our customers have been very loyal long term shoppers and we deeply regret being unable to supply you from this site."

This deeply troubles me, even though I currently see a doctor and have a prescription for my hormones. That wasn't always the case for me though. I started my HRT by ordering hormones from inhouse 3 years ago, and I self medicated for 6 months before finding a doctor willing to help me. I credit that site with saving my life in a big way. I never tell anyone to go DIY with hormones unless as a last ditch effort when all else fails. I'm all for going legit, but the option to self medicate should still be there. I may make some enemies saying that, but so be if I do. Not everyone has the same options available as everyone else.

I agree with this legitscript site that online pharmacies should be monitored for quality, but shutting down a site which has for years been known as a hugely reliable site is going too far. I know quite a few trans people that have been using inhouse as their HRT supplier for quite some time. Not a single person I know of has had trouble with them, or the meds they received from them, of any kind. If anyone that reads this has, tell me, because I'd like to know. I'd like to know why a perfectly legit online pharmacy was regulated into not being able to ship to the US.

I know why, competition! Their goal isn't to shut out dangerous online pharmacies which sell fake products, it's to shut out all foreign pharmaceuticals that don't require a prescription. Regulate the hell out of narcotics and antibiotics for all I care, but since when is estrogen or spironolactone abuse a problem? They just don't want the competition. An online pharmacy can supply someone with the medicine they need for a fraction of the cost here in the states, and without a prescription too. There are always people out there that will abuse that ability, but the majority of people who use these sites legitimately need the medicines they order and otherwise could not afford them.

Trans people have it hard enough, don't take yet another option away from us when we have so few to begin with! Making something illegal doesn't prevent it's being available, it merely jacks up the price people will pay to those who are able to obtain it and bring it to them. It makes criminals out of otherwise perfectly law abiding people. It angers me to see this happening.

http://www.legitscript.com/ This site is about to ruin, derail, and possibly prevent many transitions in the US. I for one do not support their campaign of paranoid, indiscriminate, prescription drug monitoring. Go monitor the sites that send people fake meds that can possibly kill when taking a seemingly normal dosage and leave the ones that genuinely try to help people alone. You're ruining lives legitscript! Speak against my opinion if you must, but it's just that, my opinion. I don't give a damn about some doctors bottom line, what I care about are all the people who suddenly may have no hope left, not everyone has a choice to go get a prescription. Those are the people I speak for. It's where my roots are, and I will always support the right to self medicate if someone chooses to do so.


Renee said...

Wow, I had no idea. I'm not a fan of self-medication but I agree with you completely...the state of health care in the country makes it impossible for some people to take the steps necessary to transition and they just keep making the noose tighter around the necks of the underprivileged. This is sad.

LeAnne said...

It is just as well that I don't have to use them anymore either. Like yourself, I had use them for a length of time.
You are so very correct about the fact that it's pure competition! Thank goodness that I have an insurance company that will take up some of the expense. Their prices were very, very reasonable. In my opinion.

It's not right!!

Melissa said...

You have really struck a nerve with me here.

Only in America, are the pharmaceutical and insurance companies allowed to make the rules, we must all follow. Our regulatory agencies are owned by the very corporations they are chartered to regulate. The EU pulled the dangerous diabetes drug Avandia off the market recently, because it causes hart attacks. The FDA is only limiting its use, but will still allow it to be sold. They just couldn't say no to Glaxso Smith Kline. Yet on the recommendation of the major US based pharmaceutical companies, they've outlawed the importation of drugs made by those very companies, from countries like Canada, where the prices are regulated by a government that truly looks out for its people. So yes, it is about competition, but not just from foreign pharmaceutical companies. They don't even want their own drugs imported from another country, because they want to force the American consumer to pay top dollar for them. I mean somebody has to pay for the 9 billion dollars a year they waste, on their incessant obnoxious television ad campaigns.

Melissa XX

Anonymous said...

Ditto to all above. I often find myself wondering when it was that we ceased to be the land of the free.


Sophie said...

As a further explanation of what has happened with InHouse, it is only their .com website that is being restricted from being used to order medicine for delivery to the U.S. There have been no changes to the regulations regarding them being able to ship.

InHouse has setup up a new web page (registered in New Zealand) with a .biz address.

Sage Fallon said...

I am aware of the new .biz site they created, however, I worry that it may become the next target.

Anonymous said...

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