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Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Prospects

I went and checked out 5 different places today about showing my art. Being a Saturday I didn't have amazing luck with actually showing anyone any of my work. Everywhere I asked they either wanted me to submit stuff online or not everyone that needed to see them was there. I did get the suggestion to go check out a coffee shop across the street from one of the places that has monthly art exhibitions of local artists. I actually talked to the person in charge of that and got her email to send pictures and she can get back to me. It sounds promising there at least, the girl was even kind of cute. Luckily there were about 4 different places all within a block of each other on both sides of the street, so it made getting to a bunch really easy.

We went to this art supply store that actually has a gallery and framing shop upstairs. My aunt could see that I was looking like a kid in a candy store and offered to get me a few things. I got a bunch of stuff that was on sale. I got a painting knife, a couple of really good brushes, a 16x20 canvas for less than 4 bucks, an 8x24 canvas for 7 bucks, and a big 24x24 canvas for another 7 bucks. These a good canvases too. Triple gesso primed for oil and acrylic, back stapled double framed and the bigger ones even have middle frame bracers. On top of that my aunt decided to get me a portfolio bag that I could use to carry my paintings in to a gallery. It's really nice, I can fit a painting up to 24" wide in it, and I can fit up to 4 16x20s in if I put 2 on each side. The best part was I got an artists discount since I was talking to one of the employees about stuff I'm working on. Everyone was really nice and helpful there, so if you're an artist in Richmond VA, I highly recommend Main Art Supply and Gallery. They have reasonable prices on a lot of stuff, and I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and people there.

It was a very productive day for me. I got a lot of information about about the particular galleries I visited and things going on in the area. Not to mention I'm set with my art supplies for a bit now. I have enough to do 4 more paintings as of now. I also found one gallery that I'm highly reluctant to deal with. They offer some classes there at reasonable prices, but oh my god they really stick it to the artists on commission rates. They ask for 50% commission rate, and also that you deal only with them and no other gallery in the Richmond area. Granted the cheapest painting I saw on display was 800 bucks, but if I'm going to sell something through a gallery I want more than half the profits. I mean I made the damn painting, it's my time and effort expended, I should see the majority of the profits. Oh well, I've got a few more options now, so we'll see where things take me. My fortunes are looking up all the time.

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