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Friday, July 16, 2010

Busy Week

It's been a very busy week for me so far. I had my appointment with my hormone doctor in Richmond on Tuesday, which went pretty well. My friend and I had dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory before my appointment and I felt like I gained 5 pounds from that meal alone. We went by the mall next door afterwards and I got to check out an art gallery. I didn't have any of my work with me to show at the time, but I talked to one of the people that worked there and found out they deal a lot with local artists. It's definitely worth going back with some stuff to show sometime. They have online submissions set up, so I may just go that route. I had a pretty nice conversation with the girl I talked to, and most of the work in there seems to be very impressionistic. It seems to hold promise for the future. I did another painting on Wednesday since that was the only day I really had to do whatever this week. I'll post pictures of it at some point, I did a simple rather impressionistic red and yellow flower. I got the idea from some pieces I saw at the gallery Tuesday night.

I had my second doctors appointment with my new primary care doctor Thursday afternoon. That proved to be a real adventure and a half. The first news I got was that my insurance decided to bullshit my doctor like they did with me. She said she called them up and tried to get some information out of them about what exactly she needed to go about doing to get the surgery approved for me. They told her that it was my policy so it was privileged information, and the bastards wouldn't even fucking tell me. Someone is blowing smoke somewhere, and I'm going to find out who the hell it is. She said we can try again, but I need to call them up again and ask what exactly they want from her. If that doesn't work I'll ask them if they'd like to explain it to a lawyer. I'm sick of this shit, even my doctor got pissed off at them and agrees with me that getting a lawyer involved may help. ACLU here I come.

I also got taken off of my blood pressure medicine since my BP was down to 102 over something. At the suggestion of my hormone doctor they switched me over to a beta blocker to see if that can slow the heart rate down. She mentioned something about if it works too hard for too long my heart could become enlarged, so I decided it was worth trying to take care of it now instead of later. Both my mom and aunt have the same thing and are on nothing for it, but apparently my aunt's doctor tried to put her on the same thing as me and she wouldn't take it, so I don't know at this point. All I know is it may not be a problem now, but it could turn into one farther down the road if it's not treated now.

I came to my aunt's a day early this week, and so far it's been pretty fun. I went with my aunt in law to her physical therapy appointment at the VA hospital today and found out that I can apply to come there on certain days and sell some of my art. They only take a 20% commission fee, and the rest of my profits are mine. I just need to get a business license, which my aunt offered to pay for, and then I'm set to go turn my application in and show them some examples of my work. It sounds promising so far. She's taking me to check out a few galleries in the area tomorrow and show some of my work to them, so I hope it turns out well for me. I guess I'll update again tomorrow about how it all goes.

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