It's my hope to post entries here about my life and experiences as a trans-woman who also happens to have bipolar disorder. This is my way of making my voice be heard, and bringing attention to the issues that myself and others like me, face every day.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Time to Wait and See What Happens

I saw the doctor in town this morning, and thankfully she was 100% accepting and understanding of me being TG. I explained about the orchi and everything and she agreed with me that I seem to know what I'm doing, so she would feel comfortable telling insurance that I do need it. She said she couldn't promise anything, but that she's going to look into getting my records from the therapy office and the clinic in Richmond. Once she has those she'll give insurance a try for me. I couldn't believe I got this lucky, at the very least I've found a primary care doctor that's close by and pretty knowledgeable and accepting of me. She seemed to at least know what I was talking about and referring to a lot of the time with hormones and transition related things, so that kind of shocked me. She just got her medical degree 4 years ago and I'm guessing is probably in her early to mid 30s, so I was hoping that might mean she's a bit up to date on more things and open minded.

It looks like my gamble payed off. She was really nice, and even the nurse that took me back and helped fill out the rest of the paperwork was fine with things. She was asking me at one point about any kind of health problems they should know about and I said it wasn't a health problem, but that I should probably mention that I'm transgender. She just said yeah that's not a health problem and to just relax that it was ok. I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting to find such understanding people this close by. Once again I find acceptance when I least expect it. My doctor didn't waste any time apparently. I went to my therapy appointment at 2 this afternoon and she had already called them to get copies of my records and I just had to sign a release and that was set in motion. Now that's what I call service, action taken within 3 hours of saying they'll do it. I think I've found a good doctor, and a good doctors office at that.

Now the big question is will insurance bullshit her about surgery too. They asked to talk to a doctor who could say I need this, I'm giving them exactly what they asked for. A full MD medical doctor to call them up and say they agree with me, and my psychologist that I do in fact need this to improve the quality of my life. I gave her a copy of my old medical files from last primary care doctor, which covers the suicide attempts. I mentioned my past self injury and recent relapse of that a few months ago, anything to convince her that being TG has caused me significant distress in the past. If she can't convince insurance I need this, maybe a lawyer can. All I can do now is wait and see what happens, and also keep my fingers crossed that I get lucky. I'm making things happen, I just hope all the hard work doesn't go to waste in the end.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't sound like it will, sweetie :) It sounds like your hard work is starting to pay off! I know that it's hard to be patient, but I think you've got a doctor who's in your corner... just let the bureaucrats figure out the details and you'll be much better off very soon. I'm pulling for you, sweetheart! All my hopes,

Melissa said...

My sentiments echo Elizabeth's exactly! Great news! I think you are finally on your way!

Melissa XX

Sage Fallon said...

Thanks, I'm hoping you two are right. I guess I'll know something in the next few weeks.

Simone said...

This is really great news Sage! I'm so happy for you! Having the support of caring people makes all the difference. ~ Simone