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Monday, May 3, 2010

New Pictures

I randomly decided to go out today, even though it was cloudy, and see if I could get any decent pictures. Something must have been working for me, because I've added 6 new pictures to my portfolio just from what I took today. I'll post them up so you can see them.

Sage Fallon 10
I followed one of these little guys around until he finally landed next to another butterfly. It was kind of cute, they were both moving around each other and flapping their wings up and down. Looks like spring is in the air.

Sage Fallon 10
One of the butterflies flew off, but this one stuck around. I swear this is the most perfect looking shot of a butterfly I've ever gotten, and a black and blue one at that. I've been trying to get a shot this good of one with those colors for 2 years.

Sage Fallon 10
Amazingly when my batteries started dying, he or she, I'm not sure how to tell, let me pick him or her up. I couldn't believe it when I just nudged her with my finger and she climbed up on it. I held her like that for about 5 minutes until the batteries completely died. She would have stayed there longer if I hadn't shooed her off so I could go back inside and recharge my batteries.

Sage Fallon 10
These guys prove that spring is definitely in the air, they look like they're having fun. I caught them in the act! This is probably the only time a dragonfly is going to sit still long enough for me to get a decent picture of them. I ran into them before the butterflies actually, I just thought they looked cuter so I put them first. This is the first and only shot of a dragonfly I've ever gotten, and it has two at that. Not bad for a day.

Sage Fallon 10
Just when I thought I was done for the day, and already happy with my work, this cute little guy wandered into my backyard. He obviously belongs or belonged to someone else, because he let me pet him and kept following me around. He didn't have any collar and this was the second day in a row he's showed up.

Sage Fallon 10
This was one of my favorites of him. You never know, if he keeps coming around and no one is missing a cat I may have a new pet. He seemed to like me and was pretty playful, so I don't know. It was a pretty good day. Not a lot really happened, but I'm pleased with my photo work. I wasn't even expecting to get anything decent with it being overcast a good part of the day. I got lucky and some sun seemed like it came out at just the right time for me. Have I got good timing or what? I even got a few interesting looking cloud shots, but I'll save those for another day. I guess my persistence finally payed off.


Max said...

I say keep the cat, seems like he found you for a reason.

JB said...

These pictures are nice!


ms.shandy said...

Cute kitten and nice butterfly photos too! I got a few nice butterfly photos last summer and never got around to posting them anywhere.

Laura said...

I can say that you have a nice eye for photo shooting. The butterfly was nice and kitten was cutie too.

Katherine said...

I love butterflies!!! Great shots!