It's my hope to post entries here about my life and experiences as a trans-woman who also happens to have bipolar disorder. This is my way of making my voice be heard, and bringing attention to the issues that myself and others like me, face every day.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Projects and Changes

I’m thinking of making a few changes to how the blog looks. I’ve had the same layout for a couple of years now, so I think it’s time to change things up a little. I’ve already changed a few descriptions and letter styles and stuff, but I think a bit of a re vamp is in order. I’m putting recent events behind me and moving on as well as possible, so I guess in a way it’s another new beginning for me. I’m over all the drama from the last couple of months; it’s time to focus on other things. I need to pay more attention to my TG board over on vampirefreaks. My staff has things covered for the most part, but I’m starting to miss those guys a bit. It’s not a job, but it’s something I enjoy doing.

I’m hearing that ENDA should be coming up for a vote in the house before long. It’s about time, but I’m still curious as to what they’re going to try to pull this time to stall it again. I guess I can join the ranks of pissed off people and bitch at the brick wall that is congress. Well, I guess to get anything through it you have to take the proverbial sledge hammer to the brick wall. I’ve already sent emails, put my name on petitions and everything, so I guess at this point all I can do is wait and hope like everyone else. It’s funny, I never even got a response from my congressman, then again he’s republican and opposes ENDA. I get the feeling that nothing I can say is going to sway the right wing conservative that this district, in its infinite wisdom, decided to elect. Whatever happened to moderates?

I’ve also started a new painting. Nothing special, I took a picture of a peach blossom the other day and thought it would make an interesting painting. It’s a change from my focus earlier in the year, but I need a side project to occupy myself with a bit while I work on my people painting skills. Hell, I need something to occupy myself with period. Oh well, it’s spring, so maybe I’ll go out and try to take some more pictures, with any luck I might get something portfolio worthy.

I just found out last night that my friend that was supposed to take me to my clinic appointment on Tuesday couldn’t get the day off from work. So now I have to go through the frustrating process of calling a free clinic to attempt to reschedule. It’s even more frustrating that all she can tell me about when she’s free is pick a day and she’ll see if it works. That’s just lovely, I love making appointments and moving it around two or three times before it actually happens. Yeah, that was sarcasm if you didn’t catch it. I hope I can get it in sometime in the next couple of weeks. I’m not too worried though, I’ve still got prescriptions from last time that haven’t been filled yet, so I’m good on meds for at least 3 months, maybe 4. So that takes a bit of worry out of the situation. It’s that damn cardiogram that has me worried, so I guess this stalls the inevitable for a while longer.

I think that’s about all that’s really going on in my neck of the woods. Kind of boring isn’t it? I did get asked to perform the handfasting (pagan form of a wedding) for a friend of mine and her girlfriend sometime in the future. I guess that’s a bit more exciting than the usual. Of course I get asked to perform one before I have one of my own, but oh well, I’ve made the commitment to being a high priestess. It just comes with the territory. She’s a good friend and I’d be more than happy to, it’s going to be a while, so there’s no rush. I’m honestly shocked she asked me, but I guess that means I’ve got a good reputation.

Ok, maybe there’s more going on than I realized when I started writing this. Oh well, it keeps life interesting. The second it stops being interesting I always have to find something to make it that way anyway, so it’s less work for me when it finds me first.


Melissa said...

Sweetie, since you are considering reformatting the layout of your blog, may I make a suggestion?

I know the white type face on a black background is quite dramatic looking, but it is also very hard on the eyes of the reader. Because the background is pitch black, the white type leaves an imprint on the retina, just like a flashbulb. When you then leave your blog, for the next several minutes, you have horizontal lines imprinted in you vision, which is of course a bit annoying. It's not just a problem with your blog, but any blog with a darker background and lighter typeface. The easiest on the eyes, is a dark typeface on neutral background.

Where is the free clinic you go to? My transgender support group meets at a free clinic in Richmond the first Friday of each month.

I'm glad your drama with Megan is finally over. You don't need those kinds of distractions.

Take care sweetie!
Melissa XX

Sage Fallon said...

Thanks for the suggestion, I was thinking of getting rid of the white on black myself. I've started noticing the flashbulb effect it has too.

If it's at Fan Free then I go to the same place. I'd like to get out to support groups, but it's a little far for me to go.

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