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Monday, October 12, 2009

Good Luck

There hasn't been a lot going on lately to write about for a while, but I really do need to update this more often. Anyway, getting back on topic, I had a bit of good luck today. My phone started giving me problems Friday afternoon, I got a text, opened it to look, and the screen was blank. I could only see what I was doing half the time when it decided to work, and only if I opened the phone halfway. I took it to a Verizon store nearby Saturday and they couldn't help me, aside from telling me to go to try the store in Williamsburg, and that it was probably a software issue. They did say that it should be replaced for free since I had the phone for less than a year and it was still under warranty. So today I went by there after picking up my meds at Walgreen's, and managed to get there right as they opened. I got taken right away, and they swapped my phone for a new identical one, and transferred all my contacts and pictures to the new one. It took all of 15 minutes and I was out of there. I swear that's the easiest time I've ever had dealing with Verizon. I was worried they would give me some kind of bullshit about it being my fault the phone was messed up, but luckily it couldn't have gone better. I went by McDonald's on the way home and picked up a wrap to eat when I got home, and found out they gave me a piece of chicken on it twice the size of what's normally on there. I know it was kind of insignificant, but it really kind of made my day in a way. Everything went as planned, and I can even say better than planned today. I don't experience that too often, so that's why it made me happy today. I also stuck a 4 leaf clover in my coat pocket before I left that I have pressed between some clear tape, I guess it came in handy. I have an appointment at my clinic tomorrow, and I'm hoping to possibly get a tattoo before I head to that. I found some extra money I had hidden from myself, so I'm treating myself to something I've been wanting for a couple of years now. I can only hope tomorrow goes as well as today did, I'll be sure to write about it when I get back. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to show if I'm able to get the tattoo.

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Amy K. said...

Sometimes it's the little things that can make a day, isn't it? I'm glad you had a nice one. I'd love to see that tattoo if it comes about. I hope your luck continues! :)