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Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Very Good Day

Things actually went very well with my mom today. She took me and my brother to a mall near hear, and everything went alright. I was correcting her most of the way when she called me he, and she actually did use the right pro nouns when I did that. That was surprising alone, but I thought she was just doing it to humor me or something. We didn't really get the chance to stay out very long, or for me and her to try and talk out our differences. But, on the way back my brother wanted to stop at McDonalds to get something to eat. I told him to take a while before he went in since he saw some of his friends there, hoping that it would give me some time to talk with my mom alone. We sat there and talked about everything that had been going on, and tried to come to some understanding about the whole situation. Some woman tried to get her attention while we were talking, who thought she was having this really emotional conversation with herself or something. Then she saw me in the back seat and was like oh I didn't see the guy in the back seat. I just looked away like keeping my mouth shut hoping she would go away. Then she she says it again while she was apologizing, and my mom just like oh that's my daughter. I just sat there speechless for a second, thinking did I hear what I thought I just did. Then she lookes over at me and smiles, and it sinks in and I was just like thank you. That's the first time she's ever called me her daughter, and it just meant so much more because she told someone else. That made me realize that she really had accepted me. I'm smiling as I write this, because that just made my entire month. She's still refusing to call me Sage until I get my name changed legally, but she at least promised me she wouldn't use it while I'm around or in public. I'm accepting that for now since it's obvious she's at least trying now. This was probably one of the best Christmas presents that I could ever get. I've been waiting 2 years to hear her say that.

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Michelle said...

Hi Sage, I'm so happy for you. I wish my mother was still here to share my experience with her. I did come out to her several years ago but she only was able to see a few pics of me before she passed. I still wonder if she would have started to call me her daughter. I think she would have, but I still wonder.
I can say that my wife has been wonderful about it all since we got back together at the beginning of the year. I do hope you have continued success with your family.
Hugs Michelle